Tabloid Hell: Mick Jagger wants to be Amy Winehouse’s dad

Apparently The Rolling Stones man wants to look after the jazz warbler

Seems like everyone’s got an opinion on Amy Winehouse. Or at least a picture of her with a slightly sore thumb on a night out or something.

Now, according to our favourite red-top The Sun, ageing Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is getting involved in the national debate today (October 2).

Having collaborated together at the Isle Of Wight Festival this year, The Stones singer is now handing out some lifestyle advice.


“If only she would sort herself out,” Mick said in passing, prompting the paper to deduce that the man has intentions to become Winehouse’s surrogate father.

“It is hard, as your mind has to make a switch,” Mick added, talking about Amy’s problems.

It might be a leap too far on the paper’s behalf, but we must admit, it would be quite fun for Amy to have Mick as a makeshift dad. So long as his father-snorting bandmate Keith Richards didn’t pop over and leave his “prescription bag” lying around…