Tabloid Hell: Britney Spears’ Poolgate – day 3

Has the pop princess being hitting on her nannies?

Britney Spears‘s Poolgate has moved into a third day (August 15).

After yesterday’s exciting news that the singer enjoyed a steamy romp in a pool with her brilliantly named former PA Shannon Funk, the inevitable “she tried to lezz me up too” claims have surfaced in today’s red tops.

Apparently the pop princess has been accused of hitting on her children’s female nannies, by apparently wandering around her house naked.

Isn’t that just her hanging around her house?

The nannies claimed she indulged in “sleazy sexy party tricks”, including stripping off naked in front of embarrassed aides then asking: “Do I look sexy?” – Very Austin Powers.

However with a child custody case looming, this is not the worst of it.

Like a guest on ’The Jeremy Kyle Show’ the claims include her screaming at her boys saying they were “mistakes”, trying to have son Sean Preston’s teeth whitened and leaving her children for hours in dirty nappies.

So will Poolgate go into a foruth instalment? This one will run and run, at least till Saturday…