Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse to ditch Blake?

Friends want her to leave her Pete Doherty-worshipping hubby

So, what Amy Winehouse news is there in the red-tops today (October 1)? Well, apart from a mocked-up pic of her by High Barnet Tube station (geddit?), there’s the, shock horror, amazing revelation that her friends are trying to get her to dump her drug-addict husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

Apparently, Amy’s girlfriends blanked the trilby sporting “music video assistant” at her birthday knees-up earlier this month.

But why are they suddenly so cold on poor old Blake? Amy has been bigging up to anyone who’ll listen recently, citing him as her “rock”… Yeah, but what kind?

Well, according to The Sun‘s Bizarre column, he recently admitted to scarpering from Amy’s hospital bedside when she had an overdose to sort himself out with another fix. Dark.

“A relationship this intense and explosive just can’t last,” said ‘a friend’. We’re sure this ‘mystery’ will resolve itself in the red-tops soon. Or maybe they’ll just make another joke about her hair…