Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty apparently not so clean

Tabs print pics of Class A drama

The tabs have been clapping with glee at apparently ‘recent’ film of Pete Doherty snorting a line of coke.

The alleged tape shows the Babyshambles frontman getting wrecked on cocaine after issuing a statement saying he was going to seek help.

He is said to be seen chopping up five massive lines of coke on a silver tray perched on a kitchen counter, snorts them through a rolled-up piece of paper then stares glassily at the camera.

A ‘pal’ apparently told the tabs : “Pete just can’t stop using.

“He’s been warned about how much he’s taking but he won’t stop. He says he wants to get clean but his actions tell a different story.”

Least we forget, they point out, that Pete vowed to go back into Clouds rehab clinic in Wiltshire after pictures emerged of him injecting heroin.

A spokesman for Doherty said: “No comment.”

Could that be because the film was ages old?