Blue’s Lee Ryan compares himself to Sid Vicious and Gandhi – Tabloid Hell

Eurovision hopeful claims he's 'in the top 10 rock'n'roll artists of all time'

Blue‘s Lee Ryan has claimed he’s one of the “top 10 rock’n’roll artists” of all time – and compared his wit and wisdom to that of political revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi.

While many may have written off the recently reformed boyband as cheesy pop chumps, Ryan reckons his antics have often been up there with the Sex PistolsSid Vicious.

Speaking about the group’s “wild” days in the early 2000s, Ryan told the Daily Mirror: “I was in the top 10 rock’n’roll artists – up there with Sid Vicious. I always had that edge. But I was really young. I’m 28 now, and I’ve got kids.”

He added that his outspoken nature has given him an affinity with Gandhi – the leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule in the first half of the 20th century.

“If you go on the internet and type in ‘Lee Ryan one liners’, I think I’m on par with Gandhi,” the singer clarified.

Blue are due to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany on May 14.

They’ve already admitted to being frustrated that their track,‘I Can’, has been snubbed by British radio stations.

“We’re trying to do this for our country and our country isn’t backing us,” Simon Webbe commented.