Tabloid Hell: Britney Spears poolgate part 2

This time the pop princess is snogging 'a lady'

Britney Spears had some more poolside ‘action’ following her romp with video extra Mike Encinias.

This morning (August 15)’s revelation is that after sending the ‘hunk’ packing in the original poolgate, she actually got close and personal with her blonde female former assistant, the unbelievably named Shannon Funk.

A ‘source’ claimed there was all number of lady-friendly activities going on, adding: “Brit was so turned on. She enjoyed it more than with a guy.”

Watching the car crash unfold, the source adds: “Shannon’s been a great pal through very tough times. It was inevitable they’d end up very close – but no one knew just how close.”

So can we expect Poolgate part 3? Well with no sign of any new material, Spears has to keep in the public eye somehow…