Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty to appear on the Weakest Link?

Babyshamble wants to win Kate Moss back with TV quiz

Ever wanted to see Pete Doherty go face to face with the ginger ice queen of light television, Anne Robinson? Yep, us too.

Good news, perhaps, because apparently Pete has revealed his new tactic for winning back ex-squeeze Kate Moss: becoming the “Strongest Link” on ‘The Weakest Link’.

“People might not realise it, but I am well-educated and well-read. I can prove to people there is more to me than just drugs,” Pete was reported to have said by a reputable hard news website this morning (August 15).

Meanwhile, a Mr. A. Source (him again) told the Daily Express: “Kate has this romantic notion of love and finds intelligence a huge turn-on. Pete thinks going on the show will prove to her that he does have the depth and IQ that she loves so much.”

TV bods, we await your approval. But if he really wanted to win über-loaded Kate back, surely a slot on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire’ would be more fitting?