Tabloid Hell: Madonna to convert Chelsea boss to Kabbalah?

Avram Grant is turning to the Material Girl for divine inspiration

We all know how spiritual Madonna is – and now it seems that she’s set to rub off some of her divine inspiration on to new Chelsea boss Avram Grant.

Oh yes, according to the red-tops today (September 28) Grant hooked-up with the cone-breasted pop queen in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago to talk Kabbalah, sparking rumours that he’s going to sign up to the Jewish off-shoot.

Religious leaders, or at least one a rag looked up and cold called, warned Jose Mourinho’s successor not to let the famously cash-hungry religion dent his Chelsea pay packet.

“How someone so naïve can manage such a big club beggars belief,” said a Rabbi. “Frankly, he would do better giving money to Manchester United.”

In unrelated news reported in the same article, Grant’s wife Tzofit once drank a glass of her own urine for a TV show.