Tabloid Hell: Spice Girls vs George Michael

He didn't write a comeback song for the girls in time

The tabs love a good spat and even more than that, they love one that runs and runs.

Geri Halliwell and George Michael have been on/off buddies for years, and are currently having a bit of a falling out.

It all started when the Spice Girls agreed to Geri‘s request to ask George to pen their comeback single.

However, he took too long over it and the two have fallen out.

A ‘source’ was quoted as saying: “George was more than happy to write a song. But Geri was frustrated how long he was taking to finish it.

“She wrote ’Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)’ with Emma (Bunton) instead. George was furious. He’s has been fed up with Geri’s ‘Me, me, me’ attitude.”

However, we’re told she’s still ‘good mates’ with George’s boyfriend Kenny Goss.

Perhaps even he could have written something better than the disappointing mush that is ‘Headlines’?