Tabloid Hell: Donny Tourette fancies a princess

Celebrity Big Brother man wants a bit of royal action

With his puppy-soft peroxide locks, manly collection of vintage leather jackets and the ability to perform knicker-loosening metal anthems at the drop of a cigarette, Towers Of London hunk Donny Tourette is no stranger to female attention.

He even managed to allegedly snare the attentions of Peaches Geldof and Leo Sayer’s wife.

Today (September 27), if the red-tops are to be believed, the hard-living rocker has set his sights even higher.

According to “a friend” Donny, while quaffing booze at celebrity brat Pixie Geldof’s 17th birthday bash, kept harping on about how he thought Princess Beatrice – daughter to ginger royals Fergie and Prince Andrew[/a] – was “hotter” than Peaches, and that he fancied a bit of royal action.

So, could we imagine Donny as a future king? Maybe not, and there’s a good chance that, if he continues his pursuit, he could actually end up in the real Tower Of London – a traditional spot for those who’ve offended members of the royal family.