Tabloid Hell: Tom Kasabian buys alien flying craft

The star has forked out for an unusual piece of equipment…

The history of rock is littered with unusual indulgences – from Matt Bellamy’s backpack helicopter to the Super Furries’ tank and Jacko‘s chimps.

But we found our new favourite rock star extravagance in The Sun‘s Bizarre column today (September 27), when we read that Kasbian’s bendy-limbed mouth-piece Tom Meighan has treated himself to an alien flying craft.

Oh yes, the newly-bespectacled Woody Allen-lookalike, has apparently spent 10,000 sheets on the bike Elliott rode in Steven Spielberg’s flick ‘ET’ – the heartwarming tale of a Pepperami-necked creature from space and his child friend.

Apparently Tom fended off bids from countless other alien enthusiasts. According to “a source”, he has “a real child-like quality about him, and his eyes light up at the mention of any childhood nostalgia”.

So, now you know what to get him for his next birthday, then. A massive replica of the Death Star plonked right on top of his house. That really would be “Empire!”