Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty and Shaun Ryder to make music together?

This one's even more unlikely than the 'Pete to go on The Weakest Link' claims…

Another day, another ridiculous Pete Doherty-related story in the red-tops. And today, apparently, we’re led to believe that the Babyshambles chap, currently in rehab, is set to record music with Happy Mondays drug-bucket Shaun Ryder.

Oh yes, “a friend” has explained that the two met a while ago and “saw eye to eye, they have been through a lot of the same things.” The friend may mean drugs.

Tantalising as the prospect of a new genre, Madchester-baggy-grot-rock, is, we’re not sure Pete will have much time to lay down tracks with Shaun.

What with going to Wetherspoons with Courtney Love, feeding his kittens crack, filming episodes of ‘Dr Who’ and The Weakest Link and picking furniture with Shane McGowan, he’s a very busy boy already.