Tabloid Hell: Dider Drogba fails to sing at gig

Could Chelsea's woes have stopped the striker singing?

A few weeks ago we told you that Didier Drogba – striker with Chelsea football club – was set to wow the crowds not with his feet for once, but with his singing voice to raise money for African children suffering from AIDS.

So come the big day, was the Blues’ man match fit and perfect pitch (excuse the pun…)?

Unfortunately it appears not.

Although the tabs report that the Ivory Coast international received a standing ovation for attending the charity show at the Royal Festival Hall last weekend (September 23), he didn’t actually, er, sing.

Surely that’s like playing a match but never touching the ball, then peeling off your shirt and running into the front row of the crowd like a whirling dervish. Not that the “Drog” has been shirking his responsibilities on the pitch, as he’s been out injured of late.

So what stopped us hearing the striker’s beautiful voice? Failure to warm up? Pulled a muscle in his throat? A broken metatarsal (we know this wouldn’t affect his voice but this is the footballers excuse du jour)?

According to the tabs, it was that old chesnut: “unforeseen circumstances”, and definitely not the fact the sentimental fella was still cut up about his former boss manager Jose Mourinho leaving Chelsea and taking the yawn-inducing route one stuff that’s made Drogba their top scorer with him…