Tabloid Hell: Charlotte Church names daughter after Kaiser Chiefs?

Is this the biggest Kaisers tribute ever?

Apple, Peaches, Pixie, Blanket, Galileo, Moon Unit – it seems that when celebrities make decisions about what to call their offspring they either randomly reach for the dictionary and stick a pen in it, or just reach for the fruit bowl and hope for the best.

But not Charlotte Church. The tabs are full of reports of the birth of her first child, a daughter, who she has named Ruby.

Seems like rather than trying to conjure up a ridiculous moniker to burden her kid with for the rest of her life like most famous types, Church-y has looked to Ricky Wilson and his Kaiser Chiefs pals for inspiration, naming her daughter after one of their biggest hits.

We admire her apparent dedication to the indie cause. In fact, we’re demanding that the next celebrity child is christened either Brianstorm, Mr Brightside or Empire.