Tabloid Hell: Jeremy Beadle goes indie

The video prankster gets down and dirty at The Holloways' gig

When we first started spotting serial bird-ogler Bill Oddie at various London indie gigs, we thought we’d found the unlikeliest indie fan.

But that thought has been torperdo-ed right out of the water with the news in today’s (September 25) red tops that none other than Jeremy Beadle has started getting into his grot-rock.

Oh yes, according to the tabs, the fake beard-loving prankster was bopping away at The Holloways’ gig at London’s Astoria venue last Saturday night (September 22).

But unfortunately it wasn’t a spontaneous launch into the world of skinny jeans and neck ties for the ‘You’ve Been Framed’ legend. He was there because his daughter Bonnie is going out with The Holloways’ singer Alfie Jackson, so he was there to offer a bit of support (and presumably because tickets were quite easy to get hold of).

He supposedly even stuck around for the after-party. But did he take a camcorder…?