Tabloid Hell: Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones to quit music?

Guitarist feared he'd never play again after brawl

By now you’ve probably seen the tabloid snaps of Stereophonics’ frontman Kelly Jones getting his arm sliced up like a pound of bacon after he tussled with security at the Vodafone Live Music Awards aftershow (stop laughing, it must have really hurt!).

Obviously, the first thing the gravel-throated rocker did as soon as he had been “operated on” (stitched up), was to call one of the red tops and explain exactly how he was feeling.

Apparently, he revealed that he feared he would “never be able to pick up a guitar again”.

But don’t book the marquee and mobile disco yet, as he went on to explain that he will in fact make a full recovery, and will be churning out dad-pleasing shit-rock for a good while yet. Hurrah!