Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse back behind the bar

The jazz warbler has been hitting the Hawley Arms again

These red tops just can’t make their minds up – one minute they’re slamming Amy Winehouse for her love of chasing the old dragon and allegedly slicing her husband up with her impressive nails, then they’re claiming to be best mates with her.

Two ‘gossip girls’ from one of our favourite rags are this morning (September 21) claiming to have been on a “girls’ night out” with the champagne-guzzling jazz warbler – and in no way simply launched themselves into camera view with Amy for a millisecond of fame.

Seems like Amy was back where she feels most comfortable – apparently boozing in her local, Camden’s Hawley Arms – after her earlier appearance at the MOBO Awards, where her rider resembled what used to be George Best’s Christmas list.

According to her slurred interview with her new best friends, Amy is intent on cracking the States, has no immediate plans for a baby and thinks her husband is a “legend” for giving her so much support recently.

Yup, that’s the same husband the very same rag labelled “junkie husband Blake” not so long ago.

Best not bring that up on your next girls’ night out, eh ladies?