Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse’s nutritious MOBO Awards rider

Star asks show organisers to sort her out with some Coke

Have a glance in the red tops today and you’ll see that, as well as her thirst for performing, Amy Winehouse has regained her thirst for copious amounts of booze.

One particular rag managed to swipe a list of the jazz warbler’s backstage demands (classy), and let’s just say it didn’t read like a Holland And Barrett receipt.

Among the nutritious items Amy demanded were:

Two bottles of red wine

Two cases of lager

One large bottle of vodka

Two bottles of champers

Two bottles of Jack Daniels

She even demanded that the organisers sorted her out with some Coke (Coca Cola, that is).

Predictably, her performance was a bit tipsy, and she nearly fell heel over tit when she traipsed up the stairs to collect her Best UK Female award.

Host Shaggy apparently lightened the mood by recounting his visa problems, saying: “They tried to make me lose my visa, but I said, ‘no, no, no’.”