Tabloid Hell: Morrissey’s day out with David Beckham

The former Smiths singer goes to the footy

So, it seems that Morrissey does have extracurricular activities beyond slagging off his former drummer, getting fitted for bespoke suits and stocking up on Brylcreem. He also likes Major League Soccer.

Yup, according to one of today’s papers, Mozza was spotted in the terraces of a recent Major League Soccer match between David Beckham‘s LA Galaxy team and Chivas USA.

In predictably obtuse fashion, Moz wasn’t interested in supporting his fellow countryman Becks, and was sat in the Chivas end. Who says he’s a nationalist?

Anyway, apparently Moz even bought a replica Chivas USA kit in celebration of their 3-0 tonking of Beckham‘s side. Rumours that he started a chant of ‘Beckham knows he’s miserable now’ proved unfounded.