Tabloid Hell: Johnny Borrell shuns female models for men

Razorlight frontman only interested in 'the boys' last night

With his charmingly wonky gnashers, tackle-revealing white jeans and constant aroma of pure testosterone (i.e. sweat), it’s no surprise that Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has been fighting off the advances of the world’s most beautiful women for years.

But now, according to one red top today (September 19), he’s getting ruddy sick of it. Apparently the equine-toothed grot-rocker turned away a succession of beautiful female admirers last night at the Mahiki nightclub in London, saying: “This is a boys’ night only. I can’t be bothered with any girls tonight.”

Fair enough, every young man should be able to enjoys a lads’ night out without being bothered by pretty young things after your sex. A tip for Johnny‘s next boys’ night out though – go to the dogs instead of a party put on by a modelling agency, like last night’s bash.