Tabloid Hell: Paul McCartney’s lingerie shopping spree

The ex-Beatle picked up some perfume too...

“You know I work all day, to get you money to buy you things” – ah, the immortal lines to The Beatles‘Hard Day’s Night’, and now we know exactly what Paul McCartney and his cohorts were referring to.

Oh yes, open the red tops today (November 5) and you’ll see a satisfyingly grainy photograph of Macca discreetly exiting New York State’s Top Drawer Lingerie shop clutching a bag of presumably skimpy goodies.

In the photo he’s wearing a large hooded coat and looking like he doesn’t want to be noticed, facts confirmed by the helpful ‘quote’ from “an onlooker”: “He tried to hide under the hood of his duffle coat.”

Cheers for that.

Apparently, Macca also picked up some expensive perfume – unless he turns out at his next gig dressed like Dita Von Teese, we’re plumping for the possibility that he might have a new lady on the horizon. Get in Sir Paul! Etc.