Tabloid Hell: Pete and Courtney go to Wetherspoons!

The pair supposedly went for a meal deal together

OK, so there are no pictures of it, no quotes from either of them or even from anyone who was supposedly there but, according to our favourite red top today (September 18), Pete Doherty and Courtney Love trotted off together for a cheap pint in a ‘Wetherspoons pub’ yesterday.

Apparently, Courtney, who knows a thing or two about stuffing copious amounts of illegal substances into her mush and then getting through rehab successfully, headed to Pete‘s Wiltshire rehab retreat to share her knowledge with the Babyshambles man in an attempt to help him get on the straight and narrow.

Why they chose Wetherspoons for the hook-up, we’ve no idea. But according to an anonymous ‘source’, Pete thinks ‘chatting to one of rock’s great survivors is a great help and inspiration for him’.

She’s a pretty cheap date by the sound of it, too.

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