Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty and Shane MacGowan to be roommates?

Babyshambles man is moving to a pub, apparently

As sure as the sun rises every morning, there’s a ridiculous story in the papers about Pete Doherty forcing crack into his kitten’s gob, or something – and why should today (September 17) be any different?

Flip through the red tops and you’ll find that today’s Doherty gossip is a prediction, based on a comment from ‘a friend’, as usual, that Pete is going to bunk up with rotton-toothed Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan in a north London boozer when he returns from rehab.

Yes, Pete is going to snuggle up with Shane, who lives above the Boogaloo Bar in Highgate, where he can be spotted most evening providing extra support to the bar.

As the Boogaloo has witnessed more than one secret show from Pete, expect the Babyshambles-Pogues duets album in time for Christmas… possibly.