Tabloid Hell: Spice Girls to play secret reunion gig?

There's more to life than Led Zep reunions, but not much more

The Spice Girls must be feeling a bit left out this week.

A few months ago they were the reunion that everyone was desperate to get tickets for, then a certain band called Led Zeppelin came along and suddenly a pop band from the 1990s reuniting doesn’t seem so grand.

Still the girls aren’t going down without a fight, so it’s not surprising that the a story about their reunion has surfaced in today’s (September 14) Mirror suggesting the band will play a secret gig in London before heading out on their world tour.

The rumour apparently is the band will play the GAY club night at the Astoria on the weekend of November 29 and 30.

The club night is not commenting. while the band’s spokesperson says this is “inaccurate”, though stopped short of isuing a full denial…

…sorry, what was that? We’re still trying to register for Led Zeppelin ticket ballot.