Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty to manage a football team?

Singer to go from 'Shotter's Nation' to shooting practice?

After unsuccessful attempts to get Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty to face up against Anne Robinson on ‘The Weakest Link’, and then to play a zombie in a ‘Dr Who’ spin-off, “TV chiefs” – as the tabs like to call these mysterious creatures who decied what we watch – are making another attempt to channel his the singer’s charisma on screen.

This time they want to make him the next Ron Atkinson.

No, not by getting him to co-present a new show with Atkinson-style racist Jim Davidson, but by getting the avid QPR fan to manage a footie team called Doherty FC to pit against other celebrity sides.

β€œPete needs something to get him on the straight and narrow,” said a Mr. A. N. Insider. β€œHe loves football, so this could be just the tonic.”

Back of the net, etc.