Tabloid Hell: Kate Moss gives up Babyshambles songwriting royalties

The supermodel won't be claiming cash for her 'contributions'

It was with great anticipation that the loyal legions of Babyshambles fans headed to the shops a while back to pick up their copies of ‘Shotter’s Nation’.

And, understandably, their eyebrows hit the ozone layer when the sleevenotes revealed that four of the songs were ‘co-written’ by Pete Doherty’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss.

Apparently, the supermodel had written some of the lyrics while in bed with Pete, or something. But according to today’s Sun newspaper, she won’t be hassling the band for the royalties she rightfully earned.

Yes, reportedly Kate has now graciously relinquished any cash that could have been due to her because, according to “a pal”, “it’s not about the money for her”.

“The music is Pete’s thing,” the pal continues. “There is still a huge place in her heart for him and she is happy to see him doing better. Besides, he needs the money more than her.”