Tabloid Hell: it’s Britney vs the Catholic Church

No, she hasn't snogged Madonna again

Child custody shenanigans, Lazarus-like musical comebacks and now religious controversy.

Yes, today’s (October 31) Britney Spears drama comes courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church.

On the inside sleeve of her new album ’Blackout’, the be-wigged one is seen sitting on a priest’s lap in a confession booth while wearing fishnet stockings.

All very ‘Carry On Vicar’ you might think, but the Catholic League have got their, erm, knickers in a twist nevertheless.

Kiera McCaffrey, the director of the Catholic League, said: “She should be focusing on singing and dancing and trying to be an entertainer without mocking a Catholic sacrament.

“What would be great is if she got serious about her religious faith and instead of mocking the confessional maybe she could visit one for its intended purpose.”

Indeed. If she does go we can definitely conclude that they’ve started putting Cheetos in the holy water fountains.