Tabloid Hell: Britney – ‘I looked like a fat pig!’

Gossip magazines go to town on Britney’s VMA appearance

Details of Britney Spears’ now infamous attempted ‘comeback’ at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (September 9) continue to emerge, via US tabloid magazines and gossip websites.

According to, Britney’s reaction as she ran off stage after her performance was “Oh, my God, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!”

The website, which is the online version of US Weekly magazine quotes a ‘backstage source’ in the story, that says “She was also able to see video of herself throughout the auditorium. She was inconsolable.”

The website also says that Britney fired hairstylist Ken Pavés just 30 minutes before her appearance, which was watched live by over seven million viewers.

The story reads that “Ken was in the middle of doing her hair, and she just said, ‘You’re really annoying me! Get out’.”

Pavés told Us: “I did go to Las Vegas to work with Britney. However, once there, I made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs.”

Reports are also saying that Spears chose her own outfit – little more than underwear it seemed – for the performance.

–By our New York staff.

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