Tabloid Hell: Naomi Campbell attacks Pete Doherty

The supermodel will not be buying the new Babyshambles album

Kate Moss‘ friend and supermodel Naomi Campbell has declared that she is no fan of Pete Doherty.

Yes, you probably won’t hear ’Delivery’ playing when she makes her next forays down the catwalk, as Campbell has tutted at the way Pete treated Kate.

Naomi told the red tops: “I hear that Kate has a new man. That’s fantastic – good for her. As long as he’s not like that arsehole Pete. Urgh!”

She then laid into the Babyshambles frontman, declaring: “I hated the way he treated her. I don’t mind if her new guy’s a rocker as long as he looks after her. I’m so happy for Kate. She truly deserves the best.”

Kate’s also chipped in by saying : “Naomi’s been so supportive of me. I love her for it. It’s so sweet.”

Mossy’s rumoured new bloke Jamie Ince from The Kills better watch out, we hear that Naomi’s pretty handy with a flying mobile phone.