Tabloid Hell: The Enemy vs The Courteeners (again…)

Tom Clarke on Liam Fray: 'He had wee down his leg'

There’s nothing the red tops like more than a good scrap, so it’s no surprise that they’ve jumped on the war of words between The Enemy’s Tom Clarke and The CourteenersLiam Fray with the enthusiasm of a sex-starved mongrel on Paris Hilton’s chihuahua.

Today our favourite red top (October 30) has some scorching news about Tom’s latest verbal assault on his guitar-toting rival.

“He [Fray] met us in Manchester,” Tom apparently said. “He stood with a dribble of wee down his leg and apologised to Liam [Watts, drummer] for about half an hour, which is what we call ‘flapping it’.


“He missed the point about our music. Nearly 200,000 people who bought the album, which went to Number One, didn’t. I don’t give a shit anyway.”

Hair straighteners at dawn, eh?