Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty’s ‘new nickname’

The red tops have decided on a new moniker for the Babyshambles man

Contrary types, red top hacks – first they bang on about how shameful Pete Doherty’s drug use was then, as soon as he starts looking healthy and normal again after kicking the needle, they find another way to lay in.

This morning, our favourite red top is reporting that Pete’s new nickname, derived from the fact that he’s put on a healthy amount of weight since his stint in rehab, is “Pillsbury Doughboy”.

Odd, really, as we’ve never heard the new nickname uttered outside of the pages of the rag. Not that we’re suggesting that the hacks dreamed it up themselves when they ran out of Amy Winehouse ‘stories’ to print.

Also, we’re reliably informed, Pete’s ex Kate Moss sent the singer a basket of muffins, which the Babyshambles man has construed as some kind of jibe.

Either that, or it never happened in the first place and Pete’s just kicking back and enjoying being a normal healthy human being again. You never know.