Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse, wino no longer?

Insert your own 'Rehab' joke here

Are we really to believe that Amy Winehouse has given up the booze?

The salubrious singer is allegedly ready to give up the liquor for a life of sobriety.

Well, sort of.


According to today’s (October 25) tabloids, she has agreed to give up the booze before gigs, following her questionable comeback gig in Munich that was compromised by too much of the devil’s poison.

A ‘source’ (presumably not on the sauce) told The Sun: “She’s now said that she will not drink before her gigs for the rest of the tour. She stuck to it in Amsterdam, amazingly, and gave her best show of the tour yet. Everyone just hopes she keeps it up.”

Will it last?

Well, who knows, but she’s not planning to continue sobriety for longer than she absolutely needs to.

Jan Williem Luyken, the promoter of her recent Amsterdam show, explained that the singer was sober before the gig, but then “after half an hour of the show, she told the crowd: ‘I want to get drunk again’.”


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