Tabloid hell: Today Pete wants Kate Moss back!

'I fucked that up, didn’t I?' admits the Babyshambles singer

Look who’s on the front page of one of today’s (July 31) red-tops!

Yup, in a brand-new interview, which was in no way bought for a wad of cash in a brown paper bag, Pete Doherty has made the shock revelation that he wants supermodel millionaire Kate Moss back.

“It was love at first meet,” the Babyshambles man explained. “She said she’d get a ‘P’ tattoo, and I’d get a ‘K’. Soon afterwards she said, ‘I’ll marry you’. I fucked that up, didn’t I!”

Yup, looks like he did indeed fuck that up. And what won’t help his case is the revelation that he’s engaged to a French woman he met on the day Moss dumped him.

“I made rather a rash gesture,” he concedes. I asked this bird Christine to marry me. She’s gone back to Paris and I don’t know what to do.”

Still, it does look like a reunion may be on the cards some time in the future. Moss, it seems, has allegedly been leaving drunken messages on his phone most night.

What’s more worrying, though, is Pete’s revelation about the new Babyshambles album. “There are a couple of co-writes with Kate on there,” he revealed.

Oh, lordy.