Tabloid Hell: Usher’s wedding no-show

It's 'wedding missed' rather than 'wedded bliss' for crooner

Hot, hot hot news today from the red tops: eel-slick R&B crooner Usher allegedly left his pregnant wife at the alter this weekend.

The apparent reason the man absolutely everyone reckons is the “new Michael Jackson” left girlfriend Tameka Foster hanging around like a pregnant lemon? His mum “objected” to the marriage.

According to the tabs, strong-minded Usher was all set to tie the knot at the home of record exec LA Reid.

Around 100 guests waiting around, champers getting increasingly warm, only to be told that the man behind über-hit ‘Yeah!’ had changed his mind to “No!”

Usher’s “people” have released a statement, saying that they hope the “privacy of this matter will be respected”. So we’re not getting an interview with Usher’s mumsy, then…?