Tabloid Hell: Tommy Lee gets Rod Stewart’s seal of approval

The Motley Crue drummer is stepping out with rock god's daughter…

As anyone who’s seen his old wedding video knows, Motley Crüe sticksman Tommy Lee is a man who knows how to woo a woman.

Still, as today’s (July 27) red-tops point out, considering the heavy metal pioneer’s former “chequered past”, it’s somewhat surprising that the dad of his current squeeze – model Kimberly Stewart – has stamped his seal of approval on Tommy’s gnarly forehead.

Apparently Rod was in “hysterics” when he learned that wildman Tommy had hired a helicopter to whisk Kimberly from Rod’s Los Angeles pile for a date in San Diego.

“I’ve tried some manoeuvres in my time to pursue a woman, but this is a pretty strong move,” he supposedly guffawed.

A Mr. A. Source told the papers that Kim was “stunned at how chivalrous her dad was being”. Just watch out for home videos…