Tabloid Hell: Britney’s erratic behaviour revealed in magazine

Pop princess let her dog poop on dresses

Britney Spears‘ erratic behaviour at a recent photo shoot has been documented in great detail by the magazine that reportedly planned to pay her a million dollars to appear.

Spears was all set for a ‘tell-all’ interview with OK! Magazine in the US, but instead of a revealing conversation with the magazines, OK! instead published a telling account of Spears‘ out-of-order behaviour while on set.

According to OK! Editor Sarah Ivers, Spears did not consider the clothing selected for the shoot “sexy, short or tight enough”, and she eventually agreed to a pink silk dress. When a wardrobe coordinator asked Spears not to wear the dress while eating, Spears refused to take the dress off and after lunch wiped grease from her hands on the front and back of the (borrowed) dress.

Ivers also reports that Spears’ Yorkie puppy pooped on a $6,700 Zac Posen dress, and that neither “Spears nor her assistant bothered to clean it up” until the wardrobe coordinator demanded it.

Spears apparently walked off the set after just three hours, and took with her $14,000 worth of clothing without permission.

The photos from the shoot were not published as they were “not up to standard” according to OK! publisher Brian Strong.