Tabloid Hell: Pete Doherty wears two hats!

Oh and the Babyshambles singer enter rehab...

Pete Doherty is once again back in the redtops today (July 24), this time for wearing two hats at once – oh, and he’s started a stint of court-order rehab.

The Babyshambles singer is pictured wearing two hats at once – his “trademark two trilbies” suggests one paper, although as Doherty rarely wears two pieces of headwear they might well be confusing him for one-off ‘Mighty Boosh’ character – Johnny Two Hats – as he enters a detox clinic in Harrograte, Yorkshire.

Sartorial scandal over, we also learn that Doherty has now begun a rehab programme, where he will go cold turkey before being given a Naltrexone implant to tackle his heroin addiction.


Doherty, who enjoyed a cuppa ahead of his treatment, is attending the rehab programme after pleading guilty to possessing a class A drug on July 3.

The singer’s sentence was deferred until August 7 on condition he entered the detox programme.