Tabloid Hell: Oasis ‘doner’ look back in anger

Noel Gallagher mistaken for Liam

It’s the Oasis faux pas to end Oasis faux pas – mistaking Noel Gallagher for younger brother Liam.

However according to today’s (July 23) Mirror one unlucky ‘fan’ ruined an encounter with his hero after running into the guitarist in London last week.

Noel was apparently confused for his singing sibling in Camden kebab shop – and NME favourite – Marathon while queuing up for a takeaway.

“You’re Liam,” the hapless star-spotted is reported to have told the Oasis leader. “You’re in that band.”

At the height of Britpop who knows what flurry of abuse would have followed next? Swearing? V-signs? Fisticuffs? (although to be fair at the height of Britpop its unlikely you’d have seen Noel in what was clearly Blur territory).

But Noel it seems, is a mellowed man and according to the paper simply “shot the fan a thunderous glare”, before declaring “I don’t think so, mate.”

After which he simply grabbed his kebab and left. Doner look back in anger, indeed.