Tabloid Hell: Pete snaps at the snappers

Babyshambles man gets mates to teach the paps a lesson

With the suggestion that he’s been driven to despair following his break up with Kate Moss, Pete Doherty has, we are led to believe, been letting out his rage in the direction of the paparazzi.

Well hardly.

In a YouTube clip the red-tops have unearthed recently called ’Revenge Of The Bilo’ Pete is heard cheering on as his mates attack a unknown pap. By “attack” it seems they mean grab him by scruff of his shirt and splat an egg on him.

Which means a dry cleaning bill and nothing more.

Doherty is described as not being able to laugh “despite the snapper’s obvious distress”.

Although the red tops call the rather tame footage “shocking”, what they find equally surprising is the state of Pete’s Hackney flat.

They then go into detail about the “grubby curtains, stained carpet and tatty Union Jack hanging from the wall”.

Painting a picture of a man destroyed and definitely post – K And P Nuts, they describe it as “grimy” and “a million miles away from Kate’s million-pound-hideaway”.

However, this seems like slightly over-egging the situation (pun intended). Storm in an egg cup anyone?

See the footage below.