Tabloid hell: Amy’s horror show comeback

The jazzy star bashes herself on the head a few times

Amy Winehouse’s booze-fuelled career just took another turn – pretty much for the worse – at her ‘comeback’ gig on Tuesday (July 17) night at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The grog-loving gal hadn’t played a show since the start of the month, as her doctor had signed her off with “exhaustion”, although the red top had suggested she’d been out boozing instead, leading to questions about whether she’d play a gig again.

According to the tabs, things didn’t begin well in Cornwall, with Winehouse scooting off stage after the first two songs.

Then, after returning, she started biffing herself on the head repeatedly with her hands and microphone, and inexplicably began replacing some lyrics with mumbled swear-words. Oh, and she allegedly spat into the crowd.

Her rider may have something to do with the comeback not exactly living up to expectations. It included two bottles of champers, two of Jack Daniels and two of red wine.

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