Tabloid Hell: Pete Wentz to be a daddy?

Is Mr Fall Out Boy engaged too?

The American tabloids are buzzing with the rumours today (July 18) that Fall Out Boy’s not-the-singer-actually Pete Wentz is engaged and about to be a father.

This wouldn’t be such monumental news in gossip-world except for the fact that his wife-to-be is none other than Ashlee Simpson – the certainly-not-cosmetically-enhanced mall punkette.

If the rumours are true, we can only imagine the kid will be a miming, Kohl-loving diva with serious body issues. Boy or girl.

According to the reports: “(They) got engaged just before the band played at New York’s Live Earth (July 7) concert and are currently expecting a baby!”

A “source” says: “Ashlee wasn’t expecting it at all, it was a total surprise…Pete whipped out a big engagement ring, dropped down on one knee and asked Ashlee to be his bride. Ashlee sayas it was romantic, sexy – and that she said yes right away.”

Perhaps she heard: “Will you mime for me?”

Apparently speculation was sparked that she was preggers started when she “was wandering around rubbing her belly, and she refused to drink anything” – Pah! Who needs a pregnancy test?

The “source” continued: “We don’t think they were officially engaged 20 minutes before she started calling people to spread the news.”

If true we’re very happy for the couple and we can’t wait for the reality show.