Tabloid Hell: Pete done for littering

He’s in trouble with the rozzers again

Yes, the like ‘Groundhog Day’ of headlines, ‘Pete Doherty In Trouble With The Police’ is the one that sticks.

But to the tabs surprise he’s not been done for drug offences, instead he’s been fined for…littering.

Yes, the singer was “spotted” by officers chucking rubbish out of a minicab window and duly fined.

In the sliding scale of offences it’s not exactly stabbing someone with a rusty hypodermic, is it?

Still, he got a fixed penalty fine (£100) for littering in London’s Regent’s Park.

We can’t be sure what he sure what he was seen chucking out the window but we’re guessing it was either a box of liquor chocolates to woo Kate back or old urine sample.

One “witness” said: “The policeman gave him a stern ticking-off, then issues him with the fine. It looked like he got a severe warning.”

The hundred quid fine will be halved if it paid within two weeks.

Although Pete was caught on the way out of rehab, he is due to start a five-day detox next Monday (July 23).

We’re sure the drama isn’t over yet.