Tabloid Hell: Kate buys Pete a present?

Has Moss has forked out for ex…

What do you buy for a man like Pete Doherty? A new moleskin notebook for him to write his “poetry” in? An enormous stuffed turtle, like the one he is seen with in this week’s NME? Money for sweets?

Well, that’s the questions the tabloids are most concerned with this morning (July 16) – what could Kate Moss be buying the former Libertine?.

Despite claims that the model split from the Babyshambler just a week ago, Moss is said to have bought Doherty a new anti-heroin implant.

As today’s red-tops explain, via another anonymous “pal”, despite the recent heartbreak the model is looking out for the singer.

Kate is very aware that Pete still has issues with drug use,” claims The Mirror‘s source. “She feels betrayed but understands that he still needs help and support.”

The implant will be like the one Pete had fitted almost exactly a year ago, which blocks out the effects of drugs he may be taking.

So far the implants haven’t exactly kept the singer “clean”, but having convinced magistrates that he is trying to detox, similar devices have helped to keep Doherty out of prison.

With rumours Moss‘ gift cost her about £15,000 and the singer due back in court early next month, it may prove a rather timely present.