Tabloid Hell: Sarah Harding’s new career

Seems like the Girls Aloud singer wants to be a photographer...

If your morning tabloid paper didn’t have a few pictures of booze-adoring Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding in it, you’d be well within your rights to demand a refund. That won’t be happening today (July 13), mind.

OK, pics of a bleary-eyed Harding are hardly news these days, but she managed to amp up her antics last night even further than usual, apparently demanding that paparazzi taking snaps of her stumbling out of trendy London spot Paper handed over their cameras so she could have a go.

In no way was Harding planning to smash the lensmens’ expensive toys. But they still refused to play ball, instead carrying on snapping away at Sarah, catching her in all manner of ungainly poses.

The singer soon gave up her quest to become an apprentice photographer, and was led off by a friend. Our picture desk are awaiting your call, Sarah – fancy some work experience?