Tabloid Hell: Courtney Love in rock and roll behaviour shock

Former Hole singer treats hotel like ashtray

The redtops have been tutting with horrified glee this morning (July 12) with the news that Courtney Love displayed rock and roll behaviour on her birthday. Hold the ruddy front page.

After the singer played a gig at London’s Bush Hall on Monday (July 9), she returned to Covent Garden Hotel where she was staying. Did the newly-sober singer throw a TV out the window? Snort wood chipping off the bathroom floor? No. She got the bedclothes a bit mucky.

Love stubbed cigarettes out on the four poster bed in her hotel room and tossed the butts on the carpet. The bedclothes were ruined and sofas left riddled with burn marks.

The usual unnamed ‘source’ said: “Staff said the room was left in a right state – like a wild animal had been let loose in there. She had used the place as an astray with butts strewn about and burn marks all over the bed, carpet and upholstery. I feel sorry for whoever had to clean it up.”

Love, we are told, caused the damage inadvertently. Her spokesperson claimed the damage had been caused accidentally by a friend “leaning on a table”. Which, obviously, doesn’t really make sense.

The spokesman also said it only ran to hundreds of pounds damage and added that “she continues to have a very good relationship with the hotel”.

All’s well that ends well.