Pregnant Beyonce craving bananas dipped in tomato ketchup – Tabloid Hell

Singer is also eating bounty ice creams with hot chilli sauce and gallons of ginger beer apparently

Beyonce has apparently begun craving some very bizarre combinations of food during her pregnancy, according to The Sun.

The ‘Single Ladies’ singer, who announced earlier this month that she was expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z, has reportedly been eating bananas dipped in tomato ketchup, Bounty ice creams smothered in hot chilli sauce, oreo cookies with gherkins and a slightly more normal croissants stuffed with melted dime bars for breakfast.

The singer, who has also been glugging gallons of ginger beer, has apparently been craving food to such an extent that she had to rush backstage after her performance at MTV VMAs in order to eat.

Beyonce, who headlined Glastonbury earlier this summer, was accused last week of wearing a prosthetic baby bump during her appearance at the VMAs in order to make more of an impact with the announcement of her pregnancy.

Sales of her fourth studio album ‘4’ have risen sharply since it was made public that the singer is expecting her first child.