Keira Knightley gets drumming and guitar lessons from Klaxons boyfriend – Tabloid Hell

The actress is honing her musical skills with her indie lover James Righton

Keira Knightley is apparently being taught how to play the drums and guitar by her famous indie boyfriend, Klaxons man James Righton.

The pair – who have been dating since March after being introduced by a mutual friend – have allegedly been indulging in jam sessions at the houses of mates, “surrounded by candles”, during which Righton has been teaching the Hollywood actress some tricks of the trade.

The Sun reports that Righton has also been taking Knightley to some of his favourite east London bars and venues to watch up and coming bands.


According to the tabloid’s source:

Keira is turning into a proper rock chick. She might be as posh as they come but she has no qualms about letting herself go on a drum kit. She’s a quick learner, too, so it won’t be long until she can play at a decent level.

Does this mean we’re about to see the Atonement star starting up her own musical career? If so, let’s hope she’s more Zooey Deschanel of She And Him than Lindsay Lohan.