Lady Gaga ‘becomes a roadie for Iron Maiden’ – Tabloid Hell

She helps iron the bands shirts before gigs

Lady Gaga may be on the cover of this week’s NME, but she’s also turned her hand to roadie-ing for her favourite band Iron Maiden, it seems.

A tabloid reports in today’s Mirror claims that the singer has been helping out Iron Maiden on their current tour by ironing, preparing stage gear and fetching cigarettes and drinks for the members – all to simply get to hang out with them.

A well-placed source told the paper: “It’s a side to Gaga we’ve never seen. She is a massive Iron Maiden fan and was willing to be at their beck and call, just to hang out with her idols. She was humming along to their hit ‘The Number Of The Beast while carrying out her chores. And after all her hard work backstage she was rewarded with some drinking games.”

Despite all that effort she’s even said to have waived the £90 day-rate offered to roadies. What a trooper.

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