Cat killer ‘was inspired by Lady Gaga’ – Tabloid Hell

Fan allegedly slaughtered family moggy in homage to 'Paparazzi' routine

A Lady Gaga fan killed her cat and drenched herself in its blood in homage to the ‘Born This Way’ singer, it has been alleged.

Angelina Barnes from Oklahoma has been charged with animal cruelty following the incident, which saw her slaughter the family’s pet to create an outfit to wear to one of Gaga‘s gigs, according to The Sun.

The 20-year-old was reportedly inspired by Gaga‘s performance of ‘Paparazzi’ at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, where the singer was smeared with fake blood.

Barnes, who is now receiving medical treatment, was apparently found by a relative when they returned home.

She did not attend the Lady Gaga concert as planned.

Police spokesman Sgt Gary Knight commented: “There were things done to the house like covering light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the lights.

“This person’s relative became very afraid that the suspect was going to try to do harm to her.”