Glasvegas’ James Allan: ‘Adele has an amazing soul’ – Tabloid Hell

Plus the Scottish singer slags off the UK singles chart

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has hailed Adele for making the BRIT School for performing arts cool.

Allan also described the chart-topping singer-songwriter as a “really soulful person”, according to one morning red-top.

“Growing up, something like the BRIT School was the least cool thing you could admit to,” Allan told The Daily Star. “But you meet some people and it makes you more open-minded and helps you understand where they come from.

“I can say that I met Adele one night, I didn’t know who she was,” he continued. “We were in this bar and when I spoke to her I thought she’d got this amazing soul, a really soulful person.”

The school has spawned singers such as Jessie J, Leona Lewis and Katy B.

Allan also criticised the state of the UK singles chart.

“I don’t think the charts mean what they used to, which is a shame because I love the anticipation,” he added. “I love it if it’s a rock’n’roll band that makes it to the top of the tree, against the odds.”